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About Our Business

Singapore Web Based Hotel System

Rykell Systems was co-founded in Singapore by 2 young entrepreneurs. We create our web based system from scratch. We believe that the current pricing model for most legacy hotel systems out there may not be suitable for all properties especially budget hotels and hostels.

Thus we came out with an idea of a simple and powerfulyet affordable front desk system which runs on any browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox to cater the needs for properties looking at a very much lower costs without having to invest in expensive server hardware and database and other server software, thus creating a healthy competition for PMS providers globally.

Our customer and technical support might be one the top notch available as clients can simply WhatsApp/Line/Viber/Skype to us with a screenshot of the problem and chat with us instantly instead of having to email which may take longer time to respond.

Besides a super adaptable web based property management, we also offer ground breaking responsive web designs and online booking solutions for our clients as well in order to boost direct bookings. All our packages work in perfect companion and fully customizable per our client requirements.

Our location in Singapore is also blessed with great connectivity, accessibility and speed to other parts of the Southeast Asia region to support our clients both in technical or marketing, such as in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Working Together

Partner With Us

With a ground breaking software at much lower costs compared with our competitors and together with excellent customer service and technical support, we are confident that we have the ability to offer you a fruitful business partnership for many years to come. We also welcome any business opportunities which you may have. We are always open to new opportunities. Let's get started! Remember to leave us a note on our contact us link. Thank you.

 Want To Earn Extra Income? Be Our Affiliate

We offer attractive commissions to our affiliates and marketing managers for distributing our hospitality solutions packages to hotels or other business properties. If you wish to earn extra income, why not join us as an affiliate? Contact us today on how to get started.

 Word of Mouth

Most of our clients will never be our clients if it's not for word of mouth. Due to our great software, people do tend to tell others about it and that's where we pride ourselves to work harder to make our software even better for our customers. Of course we will offer sales commission for every hotel sign up from your recommendation.

Our Product Satisfaction Guarantee Score Statistics

Our existing clients continue to renew our product year after year because we are perhaps one of the few hospitality companies out there which offers competitive prices with cutting edge technology. Our blazingly fast speed system access is a game changer in a world of fibre broadband internet connection we are living in now.

  • 95%
    Contract Renewal
  • 97%
    Customer Service / Technical Support
  • 98%
    System Uptime
  • 95%
  • 100%
    Data Confidentiality
  • 98%